To Come . . . A Friday Photo

We checked off one event on Patty’s Bucket List. Speculation that this year’s foliage on the Talamena Drive would rival many in recent years prompted us to take the drive. We were not disappointed. Everywhere you turned a vista broke through the trees, came alive in the valleys, or appeared glorious in the Ouachita Mountains.

I could not help but think of hope in the to come when I went back through my photos to discover these two.



“To Come” – Copyright Todd A Littleton 2013


“To Come 2” – Copyright 2013 Todd A Littleton 2013

Guest Post Up Over at Pulpit2Pew

My friend Frank over at Pulpit2Pew invited me to write a “Guest Post” for his website. He offered a few suggestions and I took him up on one of them. Frank suffered the consequences of his own decisions. For that he has been “disqualified” from serving in ministry – at least as practiced in our tradition for the most part. My musings pit disqualification over against forgiveness and the full implications of repentance that include restitution and restoration. Here is a “teaser” that hopefully will provide the impulse to read the entire piece. And, you may want to add Frank to your regular reads.

In the text often raced to in our attempts to purify the office of clergy we sidestep other qualifications, giving a pass to those who are intemperate, lazy and dishonest. Oh, they may lose their job in one place, but our churches are full of people who have passed from one place to the next with these foibles unaddressed.

Not Now But Later – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes good designs fall prey to unseen fault lines. We often fail to account for our own foibles and natural selfishness. When unhindered these “fault lines” unhinge very important and valuable relationships. The texts for this coming Sunday demonstrate God’s good design in creation and human relationships suffer under the weight of our whims and intention to follow our own weaknesses as though they were strengths. Take some time to listen. Engage. Leave a comment. Send an email. Let’s learn from each other as we encounter the Scriptures.