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The Excluded Middle, the Ignored Edge, and The Battle for the Empire in the SBC

The Ring of Fire just gave us a tectonic shift punishing Japan with a devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Tsunami waves washed over acres of land, destroying property and killing people. There will no doubt be someone with an Internet connection firing up the keyboard to announce that Japan suffered Continue reading

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Nancy Steps Out of Retirement – Offers a (Not so much) Apology

Sometimes people use the phrase “insider baseball” to refer conversations requiring a special context. However, some may be able to appreciate Nancy’s “coming out of retirement” post at SBC TooDazed. Whether or not you knew anything about the weekend events on a couple of SBC blogs, you likely … Continue reading

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Stetzer on the Influence of SBC Bloggers

Ed Stetzer takes his analytical skills associated with his research and offers an explication of a Les Puryear post. I offered my own thoughts in a comment over at Ed’s website. My real contention is that few will care. We Southern Baptists love numbers and statistics – … Continue reading

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