What Does Africa Have to Do with Forth Worth?

Dave Miller remarked in the comment thread of a recent post at SBC Voices, “Blogging attracts the most strident voices. The SBC is never as divided as blogging.” Herding the cats, which has at times included me, at SBC Voices gives Dave a peculiar perspective. Prior to … Continue reading

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Northern Seminary and Missional Leadership

“Go north young man, go north!” Dr. Soden counseled me and some friends nearing graduation from Oklahoma Baptist University. At the time, Dr. Soden was teaching at O.B.U. He was, and is, among my favorites. I did not listen. Wished I had.

I am not dissatisfied with my … Continue reading

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(Not) Sponsors – Frank Gantz

Father Frank. No, Frank never participated in a high church tradition. Instead, when I met Frank he was a father. Some of us who came to know Frank while at Oklahoma Baptist University saw this “old guy” and could not resist the reference. In college we became fast friends. … Continue reading

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