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Weekly Video – Now In a New Place

Each week I like to post a video. The content varies. It may be a brief clip of N.T. Wright. Or, maybe a song by a group introduced to me by Steve McCoy like, “I, Love, You” by the Avett Brothers. During the weeks of Advent I liked a … Continue reading

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Thanks David

A year ago I changed themes on the website. I was looking for something a bit cleaner. One of the initial responses to the new theme back then was things were hard to find. David has helped me work on the website from the beginning. It is not his … Continue reading

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Internet Fail

If is official. The small service provider we were using is no longer in business. We are in the process of getting another service provider. We had hoped the small business could make a go of it but alas they could not. We have been without home phone service … Continue reading

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