San Cristobal Verapaz

My Spanish fails me. Thankfully Delores will help with my limitations. This afternoon I will lead conversations on the Gospels and Interpretation with 25 or more Pokomchi pastors. John is working the white board this morning.


He Would Be Teaching Sunday School

Lyle teaching? The surprise some would express came not because they thought Lyle was not sharp enough. No, it was really the result of his “first impression” temperament. Quiet. Reserved.

Give Lyle space and a topic and he would surprise those who had only met him once. We experienced something of a role reversal. He became my Sunday School teacher. He was always prepared. Lyle always enjoyed thinking through the subject and marveled at those who refused to be open to learn, especially those his age who thought they had everything nailed down.

He began a Wednesday post titled, “Not Enough Time,”

I am getting close to finishing Divine Conspiracy, but with substitute Sunday School teaching and the interesting study of Romans going on at our Church, I am torn in too many directions. Too much cool stuff to read is actually the problem.

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