Ten Commandments

Maybe Oklahoma Needs a 10 Commandments Monument at the Capitol

Almost four months ago workers removed a Ten Commandments monument from the Capital grounds in Oklahoma City. Maybe it was premature. What if rather than a testimony to pagans the Judeo-Christian God designed a pattern for people to live together in the world, the monument served as a reminder to the State Legislators that the highest ideal to which they could attain would best be expressed in thinking about those unprotected by those in power? Read More

Lyle On Commandments – Love Wins

I could not resist. A popular pastor’s book by the title “love wins” drops today. That means it will be shipped and I have seen is already available for you Kindle owners. Lyle is not here to weigh in on the matter. I scoured his blog and the closest thing I could come up with is a post where he reflected on the “Commandments.” What cannot be overlooked is this line,

I think the above quote from “Morning and Evening” sums up what Jesus was talking about. If all we do is keep the 10 that is no guarantee that we are keeping the 2 great commands that Jesus gave us.

The one thing that occurs to me that appears diminished in the whole hub-bub is Jesus summed up the commandments (The 10) into two. The Apostle Paul further summed them up into one. Since we like “boiling things down,” the law may be summed up in “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Truth be told, it would be easier to keep score of breaking or not-breaking the 10 than filling out the one that expresses the two. Loving others seems to have no bounds. Read More

Sustainability and Faith

Rick does it again. Too often conversations about the way God intends humans to live centers on “do’s and don’ts.” Enter the abuse of the Ten Commandments. We either want them somewhere on our courthouse lawn or them extinguished from all public display. We either want to judge others for what they are not doing, or we want to do life as we want. Is there another way to look at the Ten Commandments?

Continuing to be reminded of Dr. Garland’s Hebrew course, I read Rick noting the commandment about sabbath has more to do with human sustainability than Blue Laws. It has more to do with finding a healthy rhythm than not mowing the lawn. The writer of Hebrews suggests, “There is therefore a sabbath rest for the people of God.” Life the way we live is un-sustainable. What do you think of Rick’s piece?

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