Ten Commandments

Maybe Oklahoma Needs a 10 Commandments Monument at the Capitol

Almost four months ago workers removed a Ten Commandments monument from the Capital grounds in Oklahoma City. Maybe it was premature. What if rather than a testimony to pagans the Judeo-Christian God designed a pattern for people to live together in the world, the monument served as a reminder … Continue reading

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Lyle On Commandments – Love Wins

I could not resist. A popular pastor’s book by the title “love wins” drops today. That means it will be shipped and I have seen is already available for you Kindle owners. Lyle is not here to weigh in on the matter. I scoured his blog and the closest … Continue reading

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Sustainability and Faith

Rick does it again. Too often conversations about the way God intends humans to live centers on “do’s and don’ts.” Enter the abuse of the Ten Commandments. We either want them somewhere on our courthouse lawn or them extinguished from all public display. We either want to … Continue reading

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