The Work of the People

Extending the Command of Jesus

Minimalist visions often require less than more robust, radical notions. Sometimes I think we forget the trajectory of Jesus’ command to love one another. John-the-letter-writer helps construct the community vision for living out the words of Jesus. But, it cannot stop with the internal habits of an exclusive community. The amazement of the group in Acts 10 opened up a new range of possibilities when they marveled that the Good News had come to a people once considered dogs, those outside the pale. Maybe Parker Palmer will stir something in all of us.

Bear Fruit – Live Like Jesus

The fruit of the disciple is the life lived after Jesus.

Practice Resurrection – You Get To

My friend Tripp is interviewed by Travis with The Work of the People. This Easter, this Resurrection Day, may we think about what we “Get To” do in light of the declaration, “He is not here, He is risen.”

Great Big Yes – Weekly Video

“What did Jesus do on the cross you couldn’t do for yourself?” My friend Travis Reed, of The Work of the People,  asked me this and several other questions a couple of months ago. Today he posted part of that free form interview on the Alter Video Magazine website. Travis titled this segment, Great Big Yes. The video is in the right sidebar or you may click the “Continue Reading” tag of this post. Read More

How Far Does Love God Down? Weekly Video

My friend Travis Reed interviewed Dr. John Perkins and asked a great question, “How far does love go down?” Christians often live thinking about the limits of their love in light of the unlimited love of God. We may need to put ourselves in the place of Perkins’ granddaughter who said, “It makes my brain hurt to think about how much you love me.”

What would that mean were the world to experience a love that made its collective brain hurt? I suspect it would require a complete radicalizing of the manner and means we express our love, the love of God through us, to and in the world today. Read More