Thoughts from the Edge

Hope and Reality – Thoughts from the Edge

The new realities of the Kingdom break into the world in some important ways. Our continued living out the resurrection of Jesus may give hope to people who have lost confidence in our adversarial posture as we live redemptively in the world. What are your thoughts? If you like … Continue reading

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Good Friday Reflection … Thoughts from the Edge

Good Friday cannot be understood as “good” apart from the Resurrection. Here is another reflection that has at its center the contention we must “practice resurrection.”… Continue reading

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Water, Places, Hospitality – Thoughts from the Edge

Recently Chris Seay described the completion of a water well in Haiti. He just as well heralded a vein of gold had been hit. In a country ravaged by hurricanes and earthquakes in the past couple of years, water is a precious commodity.

The imagery in the Jeremiah Continue reading

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Vision, Freedom, Character – Thoughts from the Edge

Patty and I happened into an antique shop while on vacation. There is a stretch of Hollister, MO that offers a quaint “old town” feel. I snapped this picture at Patty’s recognition that it would be a good one. She knows I really enjoy “reflections” in photos, mostly … Continue reading

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Sheer Silence – Thoughts from the Edge

Paul Littleton joins this week’s episode of Thoughts from the Edge.

The Church in America has lost its voice. No, not every church. But, many churches and collectively we seem to like hearing ourselves rail against others or bemoan that no one listens any more. In those instances where … Continue reading

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