To Come

To Come . . . A Friday Photo

We checked off one event on Patty’s Bucket List. Speculation that this year’s foliage on the Talamena Drive would rival many in recent years prompted us to take the drive. We were not disappointed. Everywhere you turned a vista broke through the trees, came alive in the valleys, or … Continue reading

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Advent Is Always Implicit

Another Memorial Service today. Here in our out of the way place we remembered. Sixty-one years they shared. Their hope is always “to come” until Jesus’ Kingdom promise is fulfilled in real-time and space. But they shared glimpses. Bits of realized hope along the way. Always pointing to what … Continue reading

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Valleys Are Under Rated – Friday Photo

Valleys in the Scriptures often conjure images of distance and death. Who, in very conservative churches, did not grow up with constant references to the Valley of Megiddo? Armageddon was, and for many still, a constant specter.

I am always interested in the response when I ask fearful people … Continue reading

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The End of Contempt – Thoughts from the Edge

“To come” expresses possibility beyond possibility. I think that was the way Jack Caputo put it this past weekend at “Subverting the Norm.” (And yes, my recent series has been prompted by thinking through the presentations at Drury University.) When I read Joel 2 and Psalm … Continue reading

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