An Uneasy Agent of the State – Epilogue, The Loss of the Prophetic

A friend recently wondered, “Is it possible to be a religious conservative and a social liberal?” The comments varied. Some considered it a hypocritical position. Others described it as, “honest.”… Continue reading

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The Ahistorical Jesus or, How the CIA Gets a Christian Pass

Two young friends suffer church leaders/members who give allegiance to an ahistorical Jesus. I am guessing those whose Jesus takes this shape did not come to their position all by themselves. In fact, I am doubting they even know it.… Continue reading

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Torture and Christ Following – Evangelicals Suffering

We always enjoyed a good game of football on our block. There were not many of us but Mike was older and he made a great “all time” quarterback for the games we younger fellows played. Occasionally Mike would think it cool to “torture” us. Sure, we may have … Continue reading

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