An Uneasy Agent of the State – Epilogue, The Loss of the Prophetic

A friend recently wondered, “Is it possible to be a religious conservative and a social liberal?” The comments varied. Some considered it a hypocritical position. Others described it as, “honest.” Read More

The Ahistorical Jesus or, How the CIA Gets a Christian Pass

Two young friends suffer church leaders/members who give allegiance to an ahistorical Jesus. I am guessing those whose Jesus takes this shape did not come to their position all by themselves. In fact, I am doubting they even know it. Read More

Torture and Christ Following – Evangelicals Suffering

We always enjoyed a good game of football on our block. There were not many of us but Mike was older and he made a great “all time” quarterback for the games we younger fellows played. Occasionally Mike would think it cool to “torture” us. Sure, we may have annoyed him immensely. He would pin us down in the front yard and with his knuckle tap quickly either on our foreheads or breastbone. We laughed at first. Then it hurt. Hurt like nothing else. Bully? Most would say so. I could not think of doing that to another person today – and only recall such tactics employed on younger brothers on very few occasion. After all, “Mom” was in their corner in those matters.

My friend Brian pointed to this article on a recent survey of “Southern While Evangelicals” and the woeful numbers who fail to consider the Scriptures when thinking about the issue of torture and other political matters. What do you think?