Tripp Fuller

Thunder Win Bores Barkley – Maybe He Needs a Beard Like Harden

I stayed up to see how Sir Charles would break down the Thunder win over the Lakers. He seemed disgusted. I think he said, “No one stayed up to watch this. We should go home right now.” I realize the series is long from over. And since my Dad … Continue reading

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Practice Resurrection – You Get To

My friend Tripp is interviewed by Travis with The Work of the People. This Easter, this Resurrection Day, may we think about what we “Get To” do in light of the declaration, “He is not here, He is risen.”

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“Don’t Be Like Jesus” – Inverting WWJD (Pt. 2)

Thoughts about Evangelicals and Election 2012 prompted my recent feature column for the Tuttle Times. Over the span of about a month I responded to a series of interview requests on the subject of Election 2012. First, I responded to email questions for a piece in The Oklahoma Continue reading

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The Adventurous Phillip Clayton and The Predicament of Belief

I never got around to finishing a series of posts from last September. Maybe my schedule amped up and I just did not get around to it. It could have been I encountered a bit of writer’s block on that particular subject. I may have found a way … Continue reading

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Tripp’s Prayer for Transfiguration Sunday

My friend Tripp offers a prayer for Transfiguration Sunday. Let this spur you to go over and read the entire prayer.

If you will, like your three disciples on the mountain,

transfigure our vision of you – terrify us with newness

rupture the stories we tell ourselves that

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