Friday Photo – Rio Grande Reflections

Early on in our married lives we did not take too many vacations. In fact, until my parents determined to get the family back to Lake Taneycomo in the early 1990’s our vacations were limited to home for the holiday visits. As the girls got older, we tried to take some short trips. We did take them on a couple of long trips tied in with a meeting or convention I was attending.

Several years ago we took a friend up on an offer to use a cabin on the Rio Grande. Now it is hard for us to think about a summer without heading to Colorado for at least a long weekend.

Tommie and Jason could not make our July 4th trip so we took a second trip this year over the long Labor Day Weekend. It was fun to see Jason take in sights and sounds he had not before.

One evening I went out and took some photos of the full moon over the Rio Grande. Night shots are a bi difficult. But, I really like the feature of reflections in photos and often include them in a Friday Photo.

A few days in Colorado, at a different pace of life, provide a great opportunity for personal reflections as well.


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Friday Photo – Afternoon Fishing

We were not the only ones fishing on Lake Taneycomo during our recent family vacation. Tommie came back from driving the Jeep and said, “Dad you need to get your camera.”

We drove to the boat launch area only to find this Blue Herron fishing. Lake Taneycomo offers a number of places for these fish-eaters.


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Max In Stripes

Today, Max Nolen is five months old. He recently returned from his first road trip to West Plains. By all accounts it was tolerable but he is not so much the car seat fan for the long haul. We will share a road trip with Max soon. His first Littleton Family Vacation is just around the corner. What fun awaits!

Friday Photo – Reeltime

More than 45 years ago I used to walk around Rustic Acres Resort east of Branson, MO meeting people in other cabins. Yes, that’s right I was somewhere around 2 at the time. For the following 15 or so years I learned that one week out of the year was “reeltime.” “Reel” as in “rod and reel.” We would sit on Lake Taneycomo at least3 times a day hoping to catch our “limit.” “Big Paw” taught us patience and quiet. We took a hiatus from this trip until about 1990 when we began making the trek again. Today we visit the same lake but stay at a different resort. We have all gathered for another week of Trout fishing. Not much else, after all, it is “reeltime.”

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Lake Effect

Each summer beginning in the early 1960’s we made the trek from Oklahoma City to Lake Taneycomo which wraps around Branson, MO around to Forsyth, MO. Fishing for trout was always the agenda, anything else was a side trip. There were a few times we missed a few years. We returned to the regular trip in 1994. Again with a few exceptions we made the annual trek for the past 15 years.

Here we are again.

This time we go with our grown girls and their husbands. Add in my folks and my brothers and their family and there will be plenty of Littletons, too many for most. But, we go and enjoy nonetheless. Fishing, reading, Bocce, throwing the frisbee, photography, and more fishing. All of this feet from the lake. We will enjoy the Lake Effect.

Writing from the hotel in Springfield may well be the last post for a week. Just call it the “Lake Effect.”