Youth Culture

An Immigrant Reflects on Youth Culture

No, not that kind of immigrant. Len Sweet has used the immigrant/native relationship to describe cultural shifts. Even though some of us would be considered native to the United States, we may well be like immigrants in an “Information Age” were our skills hone in the “Industrial Age.” Or, if you consider Doug Pagitt’s descriptor for the current era, “The Inventive Age,” more of us may be immigrants than we may like to admit.

Youth Culture can hardly be considered monolithic since there are vast nuances among youth cultures spanning social spheres, economic considerations, and ethnic diversity. But, we may consider Youth Culture to categorically describe teenagers and common experiences related to the varied stages of adolescence.

Mark Riddle consults with churches as they consider their relationship to Youth Culture, youth cultures, and how they intersect with the Church/church. Our conversations over the past ten years have pointed up two things. First, there are some aspects of Youth Culture that are like the Preacher in Ecclesiastes notes, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Second. there are some aspects of Youth Culture that are indeed new under the sun. Read More

Euphemistic Objectification … Keep It to Yourself

Some words should never be used “euphemistically.” Maybe you think your chosen description better than what you would really like to say. Use some sage advice, “Just don’t say it.” I know, I know, we all do it. But, that is just the argument that led to this post.

Like any large metro area we have sports talk radio. We may have two channels in the OKC metro. I do not listen often. For some odd reason the CD/Radio player in my truck resets after turning the truck off. Likely a couple of teenagers wired it up before I got it. (A fact I believe may be true. Nice teenagers, just not installers.) When I turn the radio on it turns to 98.1 – The  Sports Animal. Yesterday after lunch I headed back to the office from the house and on came The Animal. It was a late lunch and so Sam Mayes was hosting the “Middle of the Day Show.” Read More