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Reaility TV – not much reality in reality TV. Tell me how likely it is a beauty queen invites some “average joes” over to see if one might be her soulmate, her complement, her husband. Can’t think of any except what is made for TV.

I caught about 25 minutes of the latest unreality TV, “Average Joe: Hawaii.” At the end of this episode the young lady let six “average joes” go home feeling them not “the one.” Unbeknownst to the “averages” on the Big Island a steaming ship carrying a dozen “hard bodied” young men will soon add a significant twist to this very unreality TV show. The spectre is once the young lady lays her eyes on these young studs, she will forget she has come to like a couple of these averages not for their appearance but for what she has found underneath these epidermal facades.

In an exit interview one of the men suggested he would either have to find someone who looked past the appearance or lose some weight. I would suggest the weight loss for health reasons totally unrelated to looking for love. However, I think he is on to something. At some point we must get beyond the shallowness of Barbie looking for Ken or Ken looking for Barbie. After all it is also a bit of unreality that the world is made up of predominently Barbie’s and Ken’s. We have been fed a bunch of consumeristic baloney. It is shallow. Yet, we live there.

How about we who follow Christ? How deep does it go? Got a great Christian t-shirt? What about being sure you are always found listening to Christian music? How deep is that? Peter says to add to your faith – don’t sit on your declarations of faith, add to your faith those substantive qualities characteristic of Jesus, the Christ. People will then see beyond your t-shirts and your music and find a relationship, a vibrant, struggling and hopeful relationship with God. They will find a relationship they themselves would like to have. Then their notion of the unreality of a significant life of faith will become reality.

I want to go to Hawaii. I am an average Joe. I’ll take my best friend, my wife, my lover. We will revel in the average, supernatural reality of lives lived in relationship together with the God who made us. That’s reality.

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    I got sucked into this show, too. Although, I noticed that none of the guys are named “Joe.” I’m referring to the show now as, “Average Phuc” after recently fallen contestant Phuc Le. Besides, if I’m going to be average it sounds much cooler to be an average Phuc than an average Joe.

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