Darfur gets Presidential Attention …

We walked around the gym. This has become a habit of late. Our conversations range from family matters to things in the news. Kimberly told me she heard a female DJ on KLOV report on President Bush’s action to put political and economic pressure on the Sudanese to end the genocide in Darfur. The DJ noted something like, "It seems genocide has been going on for a few years no one knew about." Kimberly could not believe her ears. To be fair, we make regular references to the tragedy in Darfur. Had someone not told us, we would not have known.

Growing up I rarely heard references to crises of such gravity. These things were to be expected. After all, Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars so to hasten his coming meant to do little more than acknowledge these kinds of events. I suspect the aforementioned DJ shares my experience. Now that we are aware of these kinds of things, we must do more than wait on someone to tell us. We must put ourselves in position to hear and take actions available to us.

My first notice of Bush’s actions came via my "Google Homepage" where a story from The Australian exclaimed, "Bush ramps up sanctions on Sudan." A quote that caught my attention,

"The President believes we cannot wait any longer for the violence to stop and the people of Sudan to be given what they need," a US official said.

I realize there are many things occupying the President’s attention. However, after four years (three after a UN Security Council resolution) it seems like the actions should have come sooner despite China’s special representative suggesting this kind of pressure does not help solve the problem. Yes, politics may be complicated but when we have a President who announces his value of life, it seems consistency would demand action when the innocent suffer death and relocation as they have in this somewhat out of the way place in the world.

Let’s pray this is the beginning of good news for those suffering these atrocities.

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