David Fitch Gets His Back to Church Sunday On

The Ex-Reverend always winces this time of year. He writes as a religion reporter and would by all rights be considered a religion observer. Even if he self-describes as having left the building, he is still very much interested in the vocabulary of religion. You may have an affinity against listening to or reading to such a person, but I believe we who still point people to a gathering of Christians should pay careful attention.

Sunday is Back to Church Sunday. Churches all over the Country have signed on to encourage people to come back to church. Lake life, summer vacations, and an all-around malaise may be overcome with a simple invitation. For years Churches have touted what you will get when you come to church. You may have read the rote that generally comes in a four-color, slick-finished postcard, “No boring sermons, Disneyland for children, informal attire,” etc.

David Fitch notes that he has written 6 Reasons Not to Go to Church. Well, in a change of heart, he offers two reasons to go to church. One that he does not recommend and one he does. He writes,

Each time I “go to church” I gather to submit to the proclamation of the Word, the Table, and the praise. I go to participate. This takes me out of the posture of control (taking notes and evaluating worship music). What I come away with is not more things “to do” but an orientation that shapes me into the Spirit and where now I am better positioned to cooperate with God.

Writing like this is what captures my imagination whenever I read the word missional. And, why if you have not signed up for Sentralized you should. Why? David will be there. Not just David, but at least David.

Sentralized resists the pragmatic use of missional and strives to consider the word still valuable theologically and its lived-out expression. If you are looking for a group to help you create your next slick postcard, this would not be it. If you are looking for something that will drive you to get underneath to a pulse that connects with the mission of God, then head over and sign-up.

I am looking forward to getting Lance Ford’s, Unleader. He has been Tweeting quotes and thoughts. I suspect it will not make most of the larger conference book tables. But, it should.

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3 comments on “David Fitch Gets His Back to Church Sunday On

  1. Mike Chitwood says:

    When I was at Liberty studying Church Planting one thing that was emphasized in a couple of Rainer’s books was the term “indigenous.” Rainer talked about it I think in “Breakout Churches.” His point was that churches need to be on mission but in a way that is relevant to their context. That pragmatic programs is not what makes a church missional. Instead it is when the church bridges the gap between their theology and their cultural context in a way that matters to them most. If this is what you mean by “sentralized” than I do agree because we have become too attractional and relied too much on missional efforts that seem one size fits all. As you wrote a slick postcard does not do it. But having the finger on the pulse of the community and context so you can have the right to present the theological does work in my opinion.

    1. Mike,
      Sentralized is a missional gathering in Kansas City. You should be able to click on the link and be taken to the conference website. It was a play on words that you did recognize but is also a way to promote something several of my friends are putting on and leading in.

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