Now That Aintsobad or, Presidential Politics Pluralism Style

What does a Pastor/Preacher know about politics? Especially the Presidential variety? My local community of faith knows I am somewhat ambivalent about Presidential Politics. It is hard to get real excited when what it appears we are after these days is a therapeutic politic – one that makes me feel better about my vote. And, one that I can feel good about after my candidate has been in office.

My greater interest is for those voices that call to the left and the right in a more prophetic, Jesus-y sort of way. To my way of thinking these are really the same but different, or is it different but the same. We need some who will call out instances of silliness. For instance, Tony Jones generally speaks toward more conservative candidates as in this fine post about a recent Santorum-ism. Anyone who follows Tony knows he is up front about his particular location theo-politically.

A voice I hope some of my readers will consider is my Mentor/Pastor/Friend, Rick Davis. He reads more words than Stephen King writes. One of his personal interests is political history and leadership. Some of you will see the apparent interest a minister might have in these arenas. He blogs over at “Aintsobad.” His recent offering includes,

In the 2008 election we [saw] one man run as a Post-Modern, Mr. Obama. We saw a refined woman run as a Modern, Mrs. Clinton. We watched one man run as a Traditional, Mr. McCain. The nominative clash in 2012 will apparently feature a Roman Catholic, Mr. Santorum, a Mormon, Mr. Romney, and a Free Church Baptist Christian, Mr. Obama. If the election is decided on who has the least crazy theology, which one will America choose?


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