Dad, Transmission, and Translatability, Part 1

What does electric power transmission have to do with faith, the Gospel, and pastoring? I am sure the other 60 people in the room wondered after Dad announced I had come to be his guest at the recent Frontiers of Power Conference, the 43rd version. Truth be told I … Continue reading

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Lent Reflections from The Hill

Our staff at Snow Hill will offer Lent Reflections from The Hill beginning today through Good Friday. We will offer thoughts from Monday-Thursday and invite you to comment. Fridays will be a day to reflect on the entire collection of texts wherein we invite you to offer a comment … Continue reading

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Fear the Pagitt – What Role for the Scriptures?

scriptures4We Southern Baptists know how to make an issue out of the Scriptures. Al Mohler recently tweeted he was sitting in the Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter listening to Paige Patterson describe the historic conversation between he and Judge Pressler. Said conversation eventually led to the Conservative … Continue reading

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Worshipping Our Interpretations or Worshipful Responses

I continue to work through Peter Rollins‘ theological proposals for the final paper of the Fitch/Holsclaw course about which I have written. The following quote connected with a conversation I had with Chris Seay this past weekend,

The difference between the idea that our Christian traditions describe God

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