Throwing stones … implications for leadership by Horne …

My friend Mark Horne writes a great piece with significant implications for leading and following. Maybe this will whet your appetite or raise your curiosity to click over and read,

All of this points to the way in which a societyâ??Ã?ôs leadership can
either maintain or degrade the civilization in which they have power.
It isnâ??Ã?ôt so much in the actions they initiate, but how they respond to
the actions of those who normally arenâ??Ã?ôt considered leadership material
at all. Pilate looks to the mob to see who he should crucify. False
gossip spreads not because everyone is making up lies about a victim
but because everyone is emulating everyone elseâ??Ã?ìonly one liar needs to
gain the ear of one leader. Or rather only one leader needs to be known
to be aware of the gossip and do nothing about it for the gossip to be
sanctioned for everyone.

And false hysterical accusations start on the internet bulletin
boards and then in the tinier more radicalized â??Ã?údenominationsâ??Ã?ùâ??Ã?ìwhom
normally no one would trust for any theological discernmentâ??Ã?ìand are
tolerated until a relatively marginal seminary gets into the act. And
then the witchhunt moves up into the more established powers.

Who are mimicking the first stone.

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