Timing Is Everything or, Are We Witnessing a Wagging Dog In the SBC

The OKC Thunder takes the biggest stage in basketball in less than half an hour. Some of us on vacation faced a dilemma. Head out for an evening fishing jaunt or stay and watch the entire game between the Thunder and the Heat. Timing is everything.

Politics is often about timing. Who steals whose thunder with a grand announcement or well orchestrated retort. Southern Baptist politics is no different. The one question that continues to come to mind every time I stop and read an opinion piece on the not-really-about-Calvinism statement recently released by a group in the SBC is, “Why now?”

The group is comprised of Baptists, who like Texans, can be told . . . but not much. Yes, some of my best friends are Texans.

The SBC stands ready to move forward with the election of Fred Luter. Could we not savor the moment? One unifying move to unanimously repudiate our past with more than symbolism and at the same time take action to not only uphold the recent reprimands of Dr. Land by the ERLC Trustees but go one step further. We should un-broker the likely retirement of Dr. Land as part of the package that brought us the end of Land-gate. Then together we could reprimand the Trustees for a pusillanimous deal. The two actions are inexorably linked.

This is not about Calvinism. It is not about non-Calvinism. Truth be told Wade Burleson’s passing comment about his own theology should give pause to assign labels to which we are so prone. In case you missed it, Burleson noted that his theology is as anti-John Calvin as any other. A friend messaged me confused.

Many of us know Wade and count him a friend. If he believes in your cause, you will find no greater supporter. Over the years of reading and listening to Wade preach, many quickly labeled Burleson a Calvinist. Might I suggest Burleson is a post-Calvinist. If you are new to the way post- functions in this sort of language game, know that it means beyond. Those of you who understand semper reformanda know the intent is in support of a living tradition, not the ever re-capitulation to the days of Dort.

We need an honest post-Conservative Resurgence SBC. We don’t need a re-capitulation known as the GCR. If one year has taught us anything it is that doubling own on the same old will not get us down the road from our well worn moniker, those Fighting Baptists

And that brings me to my personal opinion. All the e-ink spilled in the name of defending your particular ordo saludis regarding soteriology makes the power brokers day. It is a diversionary tactic like making the CR all about inerrancy. Anyone read Olsen on Piper today?

Yes timing is everything when the  aim is wagging the dog.

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