Touting Education … Speaking Loudly in Absense …

Last evening our family attended, "The Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame Banquet" at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. We attended to honor Dr. Robert P. Todd who would be inducted posthumously. My parents, and so our famlies, have been long time friends. My mother offered us the invitation to go and we could not miss the opportunity to show our honor for a friend.

Kimberly attended Oklahoma City Community College in the fall a few years ago after she graduated from high school. Bob was the President at the time and he was gracious in pointing us to the right people and places to make the transition an easier one. We are both grateful and indebted for his kindness.

Marge and Cindy recieved the honor for Bob. It was apparent from their words Bob valued education. He really did want everyone to have an opportunity to attend college.

The evening began with "Introductions." Dr. Parrish offered an opportunity to recognize our state legislators and government officials. No one stood. Our current Governor offers ads that tout his support of education. Our Legislature wants everyone to think they are "pro-education." Surely they knew of this event. Certainly they could have attended – at least one of them.

I believe it was P.T. Barnum who said, "There’s a sucker born every minute." I for one am disappointed in the lip service officials would give to supporting education when given the opportunity to show up and illustrate such commitment. So, if you believe our Legislature and State Government really supports education, Mr. Barnum may have had you in mind.


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  1. says:

    I think Dr Todd was at OCCC when I went back in the early 90’s; had he been ill for some time? I had heard that. If he was there, then he was instrumental in starting a ham radio program at the school, which was instrumental in lighting my interest in my current carrer.

    Yes it is true our officials like to give lip service indeed. Just look at the recent round of raises offered to State teachers, sounds and looks great on paper…but once you read the fine print you will find that Ohh? You mean you want the raises funded???? So the school districts are left holding yet another unfunded mandate. It is good to have headlines in an election year but sadly it is business as usual in our States Methan filled dome.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your post. Dr. Todd truly was a great individual. I had the privilege of attending and then working for OCCC for 5 years under his leadership. He truly was a visionary and I believe he did more for that college than any other single person has. He was there from the very beginning and dedicated his life to bringing the learning experience to those who would not have otherwise had the opportunity. One of his greatest commitments was in providing a low cost way for students of the often neglected OKC school district to attend college and better their lives. I think that is just one small example of so much great work.

    It is a shame that our legislators and other elected officials were not there in support. Sadly, I guess it’s just not glamorous enough or doesn’t bring in enough votes to merit attention.

    Thanks again for the post.

  3. says:

    Paul – I could not believe we had no governmental representation!

    Charlie – Funding? You mean we need to fund the raises?

    Paulicus – Dr. Todd’s work should be modeled by many.

  4. says:

    Well said Todd!! Thanks

  5. says:

    What does it mean to be ‘pro-education?’ Certainly there won’t be too many folks you can find who are anti-educational. Truth be known, we take education for granted, just assuming someone else will shape and form children into good citizens who can add, spell and drive safely.

  6. says:

    Anyone may claim to support education. I doubt anyone would admit to being anit-education. But, when politicians run on a platform touting their accomplishments “for” education and then fail to follow up with any real reform, we may read that as “anti.”

    I am not sure I want to conflate the role of the parents in education with public forms of education. While I do believe many give their responsibility away, this post was about those who say they are for teachers and students in the public arena and in that same arena prove otherwise.

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