A break for lunch and a good word from Paul …

Two down and two to go. My garden projects now seem more manageable. While the one I am currently working will take the rest of the day, I am seeing the end is near. I stopped for lunch with Patty and checked by bloglines to find a post by my brother.

On the heels of my previous post I thought it timely to include  a quote and provide the link to his good words. Here is the quote I found helpful for understanding our location with relation to spiritual habits.

So, in lieu of resigning my church I have to do some things within my
present circumstances to remedy the situation.  Of course, I come from
a free church tradition which means that prayer happens whenever and
however I choose.  I’m free.  It just seems that that kind of freedom
hasn’t done for me what I’d like to see happen in my praying.  Thus,
I’ve embarked on a path that is new for me but very old among God’s
people.  I’m observing regular prayer times during my day.

I am not ready to make connections with James K.A. Smith’s chapter on Foccault (Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?). But, it was interesting reading to find Smith suggesting a classical liberal would oppose any practice suggested that would bring a person under the authority of another/institution/government/etc. as freedom of the individual is paramount. If that is the case, and I need to read further to see how much I agree, we could say the bid to thwart classical liberalism by conservative/fundamentalists may be more linguistic than real for in my faith tradition, as Paul duly notes, the emphasis is upon the freedom of the person.

Take some time to read Paul’s post and check out the links. You may discover an intentional habit encouraging your spiritual formation in the Kingdom of God.

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