Beyond Power [UPDATE]

Our fall course at Biblical concludes tomorrow. For the next two days we will continue our conversations around the theme of leadership “beyond power.” Sally Morgentahler is our guest “facilitator” in our learning journey. There will be a pleasant surprise for some of the students as a former guest will “crash” our learning party and add to the our learning in great ways.

On the plane ride up to Philly I finished reading an advance copy of Tony Jones new book, The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier.

UPDATE: Enjoyed breakfast with Todd Mangum and dinner with John Franke. I recommend Biblical Seminary and the direction they are going in education. Tomorrow morning – breakfast with my friend Joe Myers who will join us for class tomorrow which will be a blockbuster follow-up to a great class today.

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  1. PBaird says:

    Hey, hook a brotha up with an advanced copy that are through with.

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