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Generally Orange Couunty, CA is referred to as “sunny southern California.” The exception is when I head out for a visit. Clouds and rain Wednesday evening into Thursday. We did get some sun today – breakfast on the beach is a nice fringe when coming out to meet with the folks at Fuller Seminary.

I am writing in close proximity to the garage from what Spencer refers to as, “The Beachshack.” The wireless router is in the garage and I am at the dining table with my laptop.

Our meeting with Fuller went well and we are on track to offer our first ETREK course via Fuller in March 2005. Exciting times ahead.

I sat in on a course at Fuller last night. Barry Taylor taught the course. He offered some very interesting takes on the way Jesus is portrayed in art. Several prints from various time periods reflected that Jesus was viewed through the lens of a given cultural setting. Fascinating. We got to eat a bite before class with Barry and so got to talk a bit about theology and culture. Very good thinker.

Spencer took about an hour to discuss changes in culture and how it may affect the church’s engagement with culture to be salt and light – what it might look like and what we may need to consider. Overall a stimulating three and a half hours.

I must say, the older I get the more this time change thing affects my adaptability to new schedules. Thankfully I will get an extra hour Saturday evening as “Daylight Savings Time” will give way to “Central Standard Time” again.

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