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The Drawback of Preventive Medicine

One may never know if Aspirin Therapy kept heart disease away if prescribed as preventive prior to any heart episode. And, . . . … Continue reading

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Cafe con Leche … When In Barcelona

I guess I have grown up. Nearly 20 years ago I was told when I grew up I would drink coffee. I grew up around coffee so it was not a lack of exposure. I took a sip here and there but the bitterness did not work for me. … Continue reading

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“With My Money I Have a Voice.”

â??No one will ever listen to me.â? â??My vote does not matter.â? Considering the political season and the decision to vote for President of the United States left me wondering what effect our vote, more specifically â??myâ? vote, will have. It stands to reason many people think this way … Continue reading

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Consumers Make Friday Black for More Than Retailers

The fliers came in the paper yesterday offering the endless possibilities for any and all to help retailers improve their bottom line. In today’s paper an AP article noted how we consumers will also help plumbers to profits. From the article,

Clogged drains from plenty of grease are a

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Confusing conversations … when anecdotes don’t communicate …

WhatdidyousayConversations trouble me. It is not that I do not like conversations. In fact most who know me would scratch their heads at the opening sentence. My wife would say I talk too much. Our worlds of words often seem more a jungle than an open plain. We who … Continue reading

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