Best Kept Secret … Needs to Get Out … Shapevine

bolger.jpgMy first encounter with Lance was via a conference call. We discussed the project on which he and Alan Hirsch collaborated. Shapevine added some key developers and the Beta period will be over soon. The value of the regular interviews along with the soon to be released features make Shapevine a one of a kind.

shapevine-logo.jpgToday Lance will interview Ryan Bolger at 3:00 p.m. CST. I met Ryan a few years ago, in the early days of ETREK. What a great gift to students! Take some time and get over to Shapevine and help get the word out. You will not be disappointed.

Dan Kimball on Shapevine

sv-banner-1.jpg Tomorrow afternoon Lance Ford, co-Founder of Shapevine, will interview Dan Kimball. Surely one of the topics of conversation will be Dan’s newest book, They Like Jesus but Not the Church. Be sure to get over and register and listen in to the conversations taking place at Shapevine.