Soularize 10 Years Later – Glad for Friends

The beginning of “the edge of the inside” dates back more than ten years ago. Back then the first iteration of this website was on Blogger under the name, Just Todd.

It would take some time to tell the story, but participating in a seminar led by Grant … Continue reading

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Late Friday Photo … Oops it’s Monday

We never leave a place unchanged. It may be we are changed. It could be the place we visited was changed. An art project by a local artist included items given by participants at Soularize. During the last main session the artist took the items and turned them into … Continue reading

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My New Friend Jim Palmer

jimpalmer.jpgMark Scandrette, poet, pastor, catalyst, and friend , coined a phrase this past week – “My new friend Jim Palmer.” We spent the week as “condo” mates while working at Soularize in Nassau, Bahamas. One of our “condo” mates was Jim Palmer.

On Wednesday as we were … Continue reading

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