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Movements …

A friend posted an essay titled, “In Distrust of Movements.” The following quote set the premise for the piece,

“The movements which deal with single issues or single solutions are bound to fail because they cannot control effects while leaving causes in place.” (from Wendell Berry’s article in ResurgenceContinue reading

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Driving out the good …

We hear a lot about evil in our world. How would you define evil? an interesting clip from a greek word study book gives the following,

From the evil one (apo tou ponrou). The ablative case in the Greek obscures the gender. We have no way of knowing whether … Continue reading

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Worth quoting again and again and again …

My inbox held a gem this morning. A quote from Vincent Van Gogh. We have this quote on a piece of art in our house – a piece Patty made. Here is the quote,

I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things. Continue reading

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Defending or following …

I have been reading a new book; actually you know I am reading several. The title is, Blue Like Jazz. Don Miller was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist Church. He has a ministry to students at Reed College in Oregon. Reed at one time was considered the … Continue reading

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The Disciple’s Prayer …

Ever watch young boys walk around with their fathers? Careful observation reveals an illustration of what we would call “monkey see, monkey do.” A few years ago I recall watching a young boy walk alongside his father. You could tell they were father and son by the similarity of … Continue reading

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