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You Had Me at the First Sentence: Alex Jones, Megyn Kelly and Tom Brokaw Vying for Power

I am not sure how the article will conclude. One thing about which I am confident, the first sentence struck me immediately. Read More

WWF, Congressional Baseball, and Violence In Us All: An Interview with Eric E. Hall

The Facebook post read, “(sic)Que the across-the-aisle finger pointing! If your reaction to this shooting is “see, violent libtards!” rather than concern for the congressman and the state of our nation at large, then you are part of the problem. Thoughts be with our representative and please use this as a call to action for coming together.Read More

Blue Occupations, Black Bodies and Homelessness: An Interview with Jonathan Russell

 Pastor lives matter. But, that is not the same as #blacklivesmatter. My friend Greg Horton confirmed that to equate pastor lives, an occupation, with black lives, an incidence of birth, is considered the Fallacy of False Equivalency. Or, you may consider it a False Analogy.

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Something Is In the Air – Kierkegaard and Kaepernick

One of my favorite weekly writing opportunities is to write for the Tuttle Times. My role is to write a piece on spirituality and I do so as pastor.  Read More