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Comedians and Trumpists or, When Disaffection Becomes Sublime

Tertullian famously asked, “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” Just because one protests a given influence does not necessarily mean there is no influence. A few weeks ago one writer suggested the angry vote really does not influence an election. Yesterday one poll indicated Donald Trump would defeat every Democratic candidate were the election yesterday. Read More

When Interpretation Fails or, Trump-eting Greatness?

Evangelicals are the biggest Liberals. So says David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw. They take up a discussion of Inerrancy and Evangelicals at one point during the conversation. Maybe they are being provocative. Maybe not.

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Intersecting Jon Stewart Without Derailing the Subject: An Interview with Natalie Burris

Where will be get our news and culture commentary now that Jon Stewart left the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert is moving to fill Letterman’s spot? Reading the Twitterverse one gets the feeling many will feel like the description on the Hebrew Scriptures, “and the word of the Lord was rare.”

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