Utterly fascinating

My uncle Kenny was the first serious photographer I knew growing up. He dabbled with developing his own photos and knew the ins and outs of cameras in ways that astounded me. My brother Paul latched on the that interest well before me. Yet, I recall as kids we … Continue reading

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Reading Gems …

patty.JPGPatty reads as much or more than I. She gave me a quote from one of her recent reads. I wish she could recall which one but the quote is good nonetheless.

If they find our love, they may find our God.

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Close to Home

She asked for prayer for her mother who expressed discouragement over the death of her sister. The issue lay in the number of her siblings left. At 82 she increasingly saw the reality of her own mortality.

Standing to officiate a funeral this past Wednesday, I could not help … Continue reading

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Friday Photo … Guest Photos


Today’s photos come from the creative eye of our youngest daughter. Last Sunday she and a friend took some great shots. The first photo I titled, “Pathetically Me” from the graffiti sprayed onto the wall. Below I titled this one “Looking Up.” Sometimes we take photos that are self-reflective. … Continue reading

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