Utterly fascinating

My uncle Kenny was the first serious photographer I knew growing up. He dabbled with developing his own photos and knew the ins and outs of cameras in ways that astounded me. My brother Paul latched on the that interest well before me. Yet, I recall as kids we too made our own “black lab” developing some of our own pictures. It was amazing to us as we watched the images develop on the paper.

One of Spencer‘s life experiences was teaching photography at Biola University. He enjoys telling the story of working to help others see the value of taking a photography class across a broad range of vocational interests. I enjoy perusing his photos on flickr. He is likely the first friend who would be considered a “professional” photographer. Ever see the cover of Chrarles Colson’s first edition autobiography? Yes, Spencer took the photo.

Imagine my uncle, my brother and my friend taking photos of the same sites around the world. Different angles and interests revealed in their shots. What would happen if these were placed in something of a collaborative environment? Watch this video and see what could be …

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