Mixed Media – Friday Photo

Life is full of texture. The variety wards off boredom. Colorful sunsets, shades of green on mountain sides, and the dense blue waters of the Caribbean provide just a few of the possibilities. Read More

“No, I Did Not Kill It.” – Friday Photo

Craig is to spiders what others are to snakes. For him, and my friend Brandi, “The only good spider is a dead spider.” Read More

Road Tripping with Max

Friday evening we enjoyed Max time. We stopped for dinner and afterwards we checked out the play area. After a timid start, Max took to climbing. He reached the car and immediately took command of the make believe road. He looks pretty intense. I may keep this phot around and suggest Max be this intent when he gets his license.

Recycling, No Really

Monday I stopped to drop off several sacks of newspapers in the paper recycle bins located on our East Parking Lot at Snow Hill. To my amazement I discovered a discarded vacuum cleaner. Once I opened the lid to the bin I found large cardboard boxes. The bins are distinctly marked for paper recycling with a note specifically requesting, “No Cardboard.”

So much for reading and respect.


Featured Image Credit – Boy Reading