“No, I Did Not Kill It.” – Friday Photo

Craig is to spiders what others are to snakes. For him, and my friend Brandi, “The only good spider is a dead spider.”

Yesterday I spotted a Oklahoma Brown Tarantula. Craig, and Brandi, it was not at the house. It was crossing the road. From a safe distance in the Jeep, I took this shot from out of the car window.


“Wicked Walking” – Copyright 2014 Todd Littleton

One would not see most spiders but it is hard to mistake one this size. It may have been Tarantula I saw as a young boy. It would not have been in the theatre but instead on TV.

Years later, I would meet a friend that kept tarantulas as pets. Scott had a closet in which he kept these arachnids. It was a bit creepy but he would take them out and let them crawl on him.

What I saw yesterday was a Oklahoma Brown Tarantula. Or, according to this article it may have been from Texas or Missouri. If you are wanting to keep them as a pet, consider this,

They are good natured spiders that require very little space. The Oklahoma Brown Tarantula is one of the calmest and most handleable tarantulas being kept as a pet. They are quiet, easy to care for, and are an ideal species for a beginner. They have a long lifespan, with males living about 7 – 12 years and females up to 36 years. (from, Animal World)

We will not be keeping one for Cohen or Max.

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