Great Willimon Piece …

This past Sunday I used part of this Will Willimon piece. The quote I found helpful to describe how we must not neglect intentional means to follow Jesus,

The immediate problem that confronts is that our church is
accommodationist. Even though we know that there is a strong,

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Neglect … Odd what we unite around … another Advent Reflection

"Wouldn’t you want people in your church to know about this?" She replied quizzically.

Zionguy Neglect. Peddlers come to church. Expectations of agreement spur the peddler to pursue an entre’ for her material. Once a brief description is offered I politely decline suggesting my personal disagreement with the views touted … Continue reading

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The Violence of Clearing the Way … a reflection on the Second Sunday in Advent …

Peace_no_violenceSensibilities often determine the language games we play. Growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s certain words ruled the day when it came to ethnic references. Move some years down the road and those words have changed. Growing up in a fundamentalist religious context meant being accustomed to … Continue reading

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Throwing stones … implications for leadership by Horne …

My friend Mark Horne writes a great piece with significant implications for leading and following. Maybe this will whet your appetite or raise your curiosity to click over and read,

All of this points to the way in which a societyâ??Ã?ôs leadership can
either maintain or degrade the civilization

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From my friar friend … abiding in the intermingling of mystery and faith …

Quite a few moths ago I met Terry while in Tulsa. What a privilege! We have since traded an e-mail or two. I was especially graced some time back when Terry sent me an e-mail noting that his order emphasized prayer and for that day he was praying for … Continue reading

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