Formed at the speed of godliness …

Keith Matthews leads our current ETREK course at Biblical Seminary. He led  us through a prayer exercise using the following quote from Dr. James Houston’s response to the question about speeding up the process of spiritual formation (found in an edition of the Denver Seminary Magazine).

SLOWWell, I think the vocabulary is wrong, because it’s all part of living in a technological society. And so processes, procedures, programs are all, in a sense, technical devices or technical mindsay for fixing things. So we want to fix things quickly. But the very nature of integrity is that we have a speed that is appropriate to what we are doing. The speed of gaining information is very fast, but
the speed of godliness is very slow. Or the speed of making a friend is very slow in comparison to other forms. So we lose integrity when we use the wrong mindset of the wrong speed at which we’re operating. My problem is  that I can think faster than I  can speak, I speak faster than I can act, I’ve got ore acts than I’ve got character for … so maintaining integrity is acting appropriately.

Each participant wrote a prayer in response to this quote. The  pictures and metaphors were outstanding. What would your  prayer be?

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