Human beings look for meaning behind every event and experience. Maybe not all look for meaning, but many do. The Church continues to grapple with how to talk or describe the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus. That is not likely to change.

In this week’s podcast we take up the Season of Easter and give it a theme, Resurrection Means? Certainly we may explore some of the ways the Church/church has understood the atonement putting it in Creeds and Confessions. More importantly we will consider what meaning looks like in community. How does a Christian community witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus?

Our beginning was to consider nothing final. Resurrection at least means whatever human beings consider final is up for re-evaluation and possibility. Without a performative community, one where the life if Jesus is re-enacted, we face an uphill battle when only employing our best arguments and rhetoric.

One has to think Acts 4 may be about that.

Take a listen. Give it some thought. Post you thoughts. Ask your questions. Let’s explore this together.


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