Dear Local Television Stations . . .

Please help. You have caused a great deal of suffering since before 4 a.m. when you began your coverage of the Snowpocalypse. We know that Cormac McCarthy is on your nightstand and you are waiting to tell the story of the “White Road” out of Snowmageddon. But your ongoing coverage of the Snowpalooza has finally reached the absurd.

My wife was hoping to see a few shows she misses while at work during the week. Rarely does her boss close the shop. Yes, if all his employees had monster trucks in their driveways they would have opened. You know its true Doc. But, we have not been watching the news. Every time we turn the television back on to see if you have given into the the fact that we are a bit smarter, that we get it, you are still there. It is like a bad Bill Murray movie gone worse. It is your version of Groundhog Day. Yes, we have cable. DISH to be exact. But, the shows she hoped to see have been covered up by the repeats of weather cams from around the state and forecasts that have not changed since yesterday.

Please, we have seen our shadows. Were it not for the need for heat we could only wish for a power outage.

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