Decisions Under Duress – Lyle is Repulsed

Sometimes we set the consequences up as the cause for our trouble. We have all likely done so. The matter is taken up in the difference between these two questions, “Are you sorry you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar? or Are you sorry you put your hand in the cookie jar.”

One question raises the issue of consequence. The other puts our attention on the cause. Scot McKnight contends the matter of the extent and efficacy of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus has been bubbling below the service of “Evangelical” discussion. He asserts the matter (universalism) will be the issue for Evangelicals going forward.

This is not new. It is just that we face old issues as they intersect new circumstances. The shrinking of the world due to travel and the Internet bring us closer to the suffering experienced around the world. Chiefly children dying from diseases they did not do anything to get except be born into a culture where the disease is epidemic. Children who suffer the pangs of hunger that results from being born in a region where the idea of fast food is what you cannot catch.

Causes. Consequences. We confuse the two. When we make Hell our problem rather than a consequence we do a disservice to our problem, namely sin and death. The Apostle Paul described Jesus’ victory as over “sin and death.” Lyle captured something of the consequence of this mix-up and he blogged about it. He wrote,

Attempts to frighten children into making a “profession of faith” under duress is a revolting thing to watch.

Here is Lyle’s post.


Boo! Wanna Go to Heaven?

I watched the end of a documentary on Hell House, a type of haunted house put on by an Assembly of God Church in Texas. Needless to say I was disgusted by what I saw. Attempts to frighten children into making a “profession of faith” under duress is a revolting thing to watch.
After all after seeing Columbine re-enacted, a botched abortion, a suicide , references to 911, and more, who wouldn’t be shocked into submission.

I had heard about such places before but dismissed them as harmless wacky fundamentalists having some fun on Halloween. But this embarrassing practice must end. How can Christians allow this garbage to happen in their town? This is wrong on so many levels that I could not do the subject justice to comment further.

After I did a little research I discovered that Jerry Falwell promotes garbage like this. You can see Jerry when he visits the Oklahoma Baptist Convention this year. I should have guessed.
Glad to see my giving goes to good use.

I wonder how many people Hell Houses send to hell with their misguided view of the Kingdom of Heaven and what it really means to follow Jesus?



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