Denny Crane … Walk the Line … and the narrative that changes everything …

“Denny Crane,” blurts William. I admit it a leap from Captain of the Starship Enterprise to Crane of “Crane, Poole & Schmidt.” Denny really believes the mention of his name stirs fear in opposing counsel, awe in potential clients and longing in all women. He can be a cad of a character. Other commitments have kept me from the weekly indulgence in another show always willing to tackle some of the more controversial socio-political issues of our day under the guise of a “legal” series.

Denny takes the case of a man accused of electrocuting a burglar. The prosecuting attorney grabs the media spotlight claiming his client is an “everyman” figure. Startled at the attention Denny says, “He stole my story.” Denny hires a PR specialist and explains the move by saying, “The narrative changes everything.” He goes on to say they will need to take the story back because in the end, lawyers are storytellers and the better story wins the day. Maybe a bit simplistic when it comes to trial law and obscures what occurs behind the scenes. But, consider high profile trials and just see you find something of what Denny describes as true. It is important to see which story wins the day.

While at lunch today, Greg reminded me of a similar thought from the movie, Walk the Line. Johnny asks his brother why he is always reading the bible. His brother, who planned to be a preacher, responded by telling Johnny he will only be able to help people when he knows which stories to tell.

Many want to take those to task who look to emphasize the narrative of Scripture. Yet, it is the “old, old story” we tell mediated by the Spirit of God that changes everything, including a person’s understanding of reality. Denny was right, “The narrative changes everything.”

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