Derek Sivers and Contextualzation

A quick note to watch this week’s “Weekly Video” in the first sidebar. Click to enlarge. Debates about context and contextualization find their way into a variety of presentations. Here Sivers asks, “Weird, or Just Different?” Too often anything we do not get is just weird. Assuming this to be the case simply discards the other and cheats us out of gaining a much wider understanding of life.

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2 comments on “Derek Sivers and Contextualzation

  1. almost an M says:

    This is a great video as it helps introduce the idea of culture and contextualization quite effectively. Unless and until we grasp that other cultures have value and profound meaning, we will be thwarted by our own ethnocentric views including paradigms, forms of communication, etc.

    1. Almost,
      I thought is was very succinct and helpful. When we think in broader ways, to allow for the other, it helps disrupt our sense of ownership on our forms of communication. It also forces us to think beyond our own context. Combine these two and there is a certain humility that must naturally come our way. Only in that move may we express value in others and demonstrate the kind of respect that gives us voice for our understanding of life and faith. Seems a good move in light of 1 Cor. 13:9-12 where three times Paul reminds us of our humanity as it shows up in our finitude.

      Glad you stopped by. Always enjoy your writing. The series Great to Good is quite spot on.

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