Entitlement and the Church

Entitlement and the Church

The week began with a rush of appointments. It looks to hold more of the same. My Dad’s last living brother died early Saturday. Related events and services may take precedence over a more well thought out reflection. But, I wanted to throw out an initial thought as I am thinking through the Gospel text for the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany from Luke 4.

It seems that what set those who at first marveled at Jesus against him was when he called into question their perceived privileged status? Is it possible there is something here for the church intent to preserve its place and status in a changing world? Appeals to a lost privilege may be the very attention getting piece that forces us to consider the way we have held and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus. Could it be it, maybe even we, fears the same as those who held power and authority like those in Jesus’ day who at first thought Jesus was on their side only to hear him say there is Good News for every classification of people except the religious?


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