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Some addiitions …

I moved over my posts from “Musings on life and faith” from December 2003 to justtodd here with Typepad. I am still figuring out the template and the things I can do. Keep checking back to see the latest in my attempts to improve the blog experience.… Continue reading

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A Long Obedience …

The transistory nature of our culture heightens those times when we witness something of stability. Eugene Peterson wrote a book on the “Songs of Ascent” titled, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. On December 31, 2003, my pastor – Brother Justice died at the age of 96. … Continue reading

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Figured it was coming …

In the movie “Cold Mountain”, Inman says, “I’m sure God is weary of being called down on both sides of the argument.” Set during the Civil War, it is an obvious reference to preachers and people on both sides laying claim to be on God’s side or rather having … Continue reading

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Jordon Cooper posted the following on his website.

The excerpt must be from a book he is reading – he is a voracious reader. I find this piece very lifting and humiliating at the same time –

God’s Company
Eugene Peterson on David at Ziklag

Moralism is death on spirituality. Moralism is the approach that puts all … Continue reading

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A response worth looking for …

Over the last few years there has been an attempt to understand and succintly draw some conclusions about the cultural shift taking place in our world – we used to say in our Country but it can no longer be limited so. Often people respond dismissively when they do … Continue reading

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