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What do we know …

Jason and I shared a conversation this morning. He told me he was talking with a person about church, church history and theology. As the conversation went on, he received this retort, “my dad knows all about that, he studied that.” Admirable. Just what does that mean that we … Continue reading

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Inspired by the past …

Our Associate Pastor here on The Hill, who affectionately refers to himself as “jvpastor”, recently returned from a week of seminary studying “Baptist Heritage.” He called in after the first day and reported his expectations of a dull, sleepy course were exceeded by an enthusiastic professor in love with … Continue reading

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Honoring …

A few years ago I heard sermon/talk by Walter Wangerin. He gave a powerful illustratoin of what it means to honor. The bible commands to “Honor your father and mother …” Seems a friend was honoring his mother by forgoeing a particular career track to return home and care … Continue reading

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Press the image further …

A recent “perspective” article appeared in our Baptist Messenger, our denominational rag. Our Executive reflected on the state of the church after reading John R.W. Stott and John MacArthur Jr. I loved the image he used. Some make commitments to follow Christ that are simply veneer. Other make commitments … Continue reading

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Poetry …

A very good friend of mine recently began writing poetry. He is an accomplished writer and yet sometimes the transition to a different style is difficult. Rick sent me the piece below. Read carefully as there is much going on in this one. Excellent job!

Charity Hosptial

In a

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