Ever have one of these kind of computer days? …

I am just smart enough about IT stuff to be dangerous to myself and others. I am glad for Charlie and others who help keep us from these potentialities very close to home.

HT:Markvia e-mail.

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3 comments on “Ever have one of these kind of computer days? …

  1. says:

    Hummm….this falls under the catagory of things that makes one say “hummm”. I’m afraid the story speaks for it’s self….

  2. says:

    Yes. I have had one of those days. Like you said Pastor Todd, I know just enough to get myself in trouble. Took me forever to do my website…

  3. says:

    Worse yet, I sometimes have those blame-my-own-problems-on-someone-else moments as well. Funny how humility eventually seeks out those who fail to find it first.

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