Friday Photo … “Through Another’s Eyes”


Last week we (Tommie, Charlie and me) spent an hour photographing around the countryside. I will call this one “Through another’s eyes.” Charlie noted Tommie took some great shots with his camera. She has quite the eye. We were glad she was willing to hang out with some novices.

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2 comments on “Friday Photo … “Through Another’s Eyes”

  1. charlie says:

    While most of my pictures tend to look like a fence post and her fence post looks like a fence post making a statement, I did learn some things.

    1. remove your lens cap.
    2. If you can’t remember to reset the white balance from shooting in doors, just leave it at auto and you won’t ruin photos this way.
    3. ALWAYS! Shoot raw (see #2) this way you can fix what you forgot to undo.

    I’m looking forward to going again.

  2. Todd Littleton says:

    Good advice all the way around.

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