Genocide takes many forms … some kill long before death

We still get questions about Darfur. Recently I wore my “Darfur” T-shirt out and received quite an interesting response. Once the significance for wearing such a shirt was explained the response was, “I did not know anything about that.” Our local paper, The Daily Oklahoman, carried a piece by Michael Gerson (though I had to find it online elsewhere) titled, A different kind of genocide. The short article is very hard to read, and not for the style but the content. The quotes that may compel you to read, then act –

“The idea is to destroy the entire community, so they can’t procreate anymore, for the race to disappear.” “If they were shot by a gun, you would call it genocide,” Mukwege says. “This is a different kind of genocide, which destroys women physically, emotionally over the years.”

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2 comments on “Genocide takes many forms … some kill long before death

  1. JElam says:

    With tears welling I wonder why this is not on the front of this site

    How I long for the day when the latest effort by those who do not know the life that comes through Christ….in the form of DRofCongo soldiers would get the same press among Christians as an athiest fiction writer.

    Come Lord Jesus, give us Grace to stand for what matters and care for those around us as you have cared for us.

  2. Todd Littleton says:

    Yes. I could not help but view this story as the ongoing consequences of the first wave of genocide in Rwanda. Personal and systemic sin against the image bearers of God should move us in so many ways.

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