Glad to get the power back …

For more than 48 hours we went without power. Some are still without power. It was kind of humorous this morning as we went out to the house. Lights on every side but for most of the square mile around us it was dark. It was as if there were a black hole and we were in it. Pray for those still without power, heat and light.

more-icy-photos-12-2007_005.JPGFortunately while we were without power my folks weren’t. I took some photos around their neighborhood.

more-icy-photos-12-2007_012.JPGThis is the “Tommie Tree” in their backyard.
more-icy-photos-12-2007_008.JPGThe next day this small tree returned to “normal.”

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2 comments on “Glad to get the power back …

  1. blake says:

    glad to hear things are returning to normal. my wife and i live in okc, but were fortunate enough to retain power throughout the storms.

  2. Todd Littleton says:

    every student needs someone to buy lunch – let me know and I will be happy to treat

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