Good Friday … Words in Tension … Living Word in tension …

Some gathered for a Maundy Thursday Silent Communion last evening at church. I could not help but think of the “good” darkness we celebrate this evening. “Good” and “darkness” lie in tension reflecting on the events of the previous night and current day in the life of Jesus.

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    I really liked the service, we didn’t “decide” to go until the very final minute to be there, had to find a sitter etc….(if my kids were there we would have had a noisy darkness instead).
    In our Sunday school class we are reading Holiness of God, this past week we talked about the first chapter in which I’ll admit I had a hard time getting into at first but really was inspired as it went further. One of the questions at the end of that chapter was something to the effect of when was the last time you experianced the Holiness of God, for me it was that service; which I know sounds like I don’t experiance it often. I think for myself it was the disection of myself from the world for that brief moment in time. I hope next year we can have more…i’m glad I took the time to go and that my wife reminded me of this.

    Thanks for leading us through the Lent season, if that is a proper way to say it. I know my “Catholic” friends find it interesting that we observe in this manner.

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