Great piece on Darfur … What would you be willing to do?

I met Ken sevveral years ago. We reconnected in Norman a couple of years ago while he was in town on business. He owns a business in the Washington D.C. area, works on his master’s degree in philosophy and occasionally writes entries no one should miss. I received an e-mail with this line, ”

I’ve struggled with the relation between politics and spiritual growth for awhile, because in my experience political engagement seems to shift our focus from our own growth to others’ failings. However, the existential crisis of my generation that is Darfur forced me to clarify this quite a bit. This blog post is the result.

If there is only one thing you ever read from me, I hope it is this.

Take a moment go over and read Ken’s post. Think not about what you cannot do, but what you will do.

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  1. charlie says:

    Thank you for keeping this in our fore front. I enjoyed his writing even though it was close to home.

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